On 19th July 1717, the world’s first daily newspaper, The Courant, reported that two days earlier ‘at about 8, the King [George I] took Water at Whitehall in an open Barge . . . . and went up the River towards Chelsea . . . . a City Company’s Barge was employ’d for the Musick, . . . . who play’d all the way from Lambeth . . . . the finest Symphonies, compos’d express for this Occasion, by Mr Handel.

The lecture follows the interesting – and on occasions, mysterious – story of the Water Music, one of GF Handel’s best loved pieces of music.

N.B The lecture is being repeated on 20 October at 6.00 pm


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GF Handel’s Water Music consists of three main suites of dance movements:

Suite in F major (HWV 348)

Suite in D major (HWV 349)

Suite in G major (HWV 350)

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