For details of all lectures, The Arts Society programme secretaries and chairmen should turn to the Lectures page of this website, where all subjects are listed by period or theme.  Established lectures – as well as new ones – are described there (place cursor over Lectures tab and a drop down menu will appear with a selection of categories).

Study days and special interest days

Most of the lectures listed on the Lectures page of this Website are suitable for study days and special interest days.  The subject matter in each case expands easily into the three-lectures format favoured by the Arts Society, and one of the sessions – usually the third – is a live recital of music connected directly with the theme of the day.  If the choice of study day is difficult to make, then listed below are some tried and tested subjects that should work well with audiences:

For detailed descriptions, go to the ‘Study Days’ tab above and choose a subject from the drop down menu.

Special events

Peter Medhurst regularly presents special musical programmes for societies who are marking anniversaries or other important occasions. Contact him to discuss themes and subjects

Biography for the Chairman’s introduction

Peter Medhurst appears in the UK and abroad as musician and scholar, giving recitals and delivering illustrated lectures on music and the arts. He studied singing and early keyboard instruments at the Royal College of Music and at the Mozarteum in Salzburg

Contact Peter Medhurst

Peter Medhurst may be reached through The Arts Society directory or website, or by using the Contact tab on this website

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