Peter Medhurst is well-known in the world of the arts as a singer, organist, scholar and lecturer, who in addition to his appearances on the concert platform and in the lecture hall, sets aside time to devise and lead tours abroad for small groups of art and music connoisseurs (including The Arts Society).

His particular interests are centred on the music, art and history of Vienna, Salzburg (with its strong Mozart link), Berlin, Halle (Handel’s birthplace), Dresden, Venice (Vivaldi’s birthplace), Rome, Madrid and Delft (with its Vermeer and 17th century Dutch School connections) and over the years Peter has been associated with a number of companies including Travel Editions, Cox and Kings, Success Tours, Heritage Travel, Tailored Travel, and Voyages to Antiquity.

Peter’s tours are always themed and tailored for the discerning traveller.  The itineraries include special events (private reception, local concert, special viewing), visits to rarer historic buildings, and – if the situation allows – he will give a recital in a suitable location or venue.

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