The Fine Song for Singing

Peter Medhurst has sung songs all of his life.

As a four and five year old he sang German folksongs with his mother, at school he sang the English repertoire, as a chorister he sang sacred songs, as a student in London he sang Italian and French songs, and as a postgraduate at the Mozarteum in Salzburg he sang Schubert, Brahms and Strauss songs.

He has written songs, he has arranged songs, he has researched songs, he has a vast library of songs, he has recorded songs, and he has sung songs – quite literally – all over the world. 

Drawing on a wide knowledge of the repertoire, Peter Medhurst presents an evening of favourite songs from all eras, and of all types – reflective, serious, amusing, hilarious, soul searching, short, long, pithy, slight, well-known, unusual, brand new – all self-accompanied at the piano, and all introduced with stories and anecdotes.

Charles Stanford – Quick! We have but a Second – sung and played by Peter Medhurst

Peter Medhurst – Sigh no more Ladies – performed by Peter Medhurst & David Sheppard


The recital may include

Behold a Wonder Here   J Dowland
I Saw My Lady Weep   Dowland
There’s Not a Swain on the Plain   H Purcell
The Lion’s Song   J Lampe
Sally in Our Alley   H Carey
The Lass with Delicate Air   M Arne
Awake, My Lyre   T Linley (Jnr)
Das Veilchen   WA Mozart
Der Schiffer   F Schubert
An Silvia   Schubert
The Salley Gardens   I Gurney
The Floral Dance   K Moss
The Cloths of Heaven   T Dunhill
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal   R Quilter
The Elizabethan Serenade   R Binge